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More than a hair artist, Yae is a visionary and a do-er. From her days as a shampoo girl in a Philly salon, to building her own brand, Yae is living proof of what is possible with hard work and relentless determination.


If you've been in her chair, then you know- she takes pride in her work and makes it her business to help you feel and become the most beautiful you. If you haven't been in her chair... what are you doing?! She's your favorite hair stylist's inspiration and truly a creator and born artist.

Yae's roots are in NATURAL HAIR, and she hasn't lost her touch.
Stop by the salon today and pick up some of our NATURAL HAIR CARE products, LONG LASTING 100% Virgin Hair Collection or just peak in to see what the hype is about!
We can't wait to meet you!
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